Intentional Misuse Article
Intentional Misuse
Sometimes rules are to be broken...and we have all been told that a scanning back is not meant to photograph objects that are moving. Our creative owners, however, have shown that some very innovative images can be created by understanding the movement of the sensor and planning for the subject's motion or controlling how the object moves in front of the camera lens. Explore the images in this article and hopefully it will inspire you to "intentionally misuse" the scanning back on your own project.

Shooting the Waves
Time and motion examples of ocean surf photographed with a scanning back produce unique results that demonstrate the control a photographer can have over his subject...even with the subjects in motion.

Add a Soft Touch
Most photographers understand that the high resolution of Better Light’s large-format digital scanning backs can deliver sharply detailed images, but not as many realize that the wide dynamic range and low noise of these unique devices also make them perfect for rendering softer images with subtle gradations. The combination of a high resolution digital back with a soft-focus lens might at first seem improbable, but in many ways these unique optics have never looked better. 

A Virtual Field Trip
Have you thought that large format digital in the great outdoors is just too tedious? A summer 2005 photography session at Yosemite National Park is compared to a 1996 trip with a Dicomed scanning back. Mike Collette shares details of the process, improvements in technology, and insights to understand the superior imaging of the Better Light digital's just like being there! 

An Ancient Archival Imaging Project
High-resolution digital photography of the Khabouris Codex (nearly 1,000 year old New Testament) was done using the Better Light Super8K Scanning Camera. The unprecedented levels of detail, sharpness and color definition of the images of the codex, allow each character to be examined at a virtual microscopic level for minute differentials in color, tonal depth, contrast and bleed without further handling of the codex. 

Infrared, Better Light and Unreality
J Michael Sullivan's unique images from Ireland using the Better Light back to capture Infrared images. "Ironically", states Sullivan, "Ireland is difficult to shoot precisely because of its magnificence and greenness. As a photographer, I’m trying to capture an edgier, more surreal look with my art. This is facilitated by using infrared — it immediately changes the imagery in unpredictable ways".

Better Light / Panoscan Create Bahamas Tour
Hey, Mon, you want to tour the tropics without leaving home? Check out the Bahamas Island Hop Tour at The 56 MB downloadable tour, packed with 22 panoramic views and 22 videos, was photographed by Minneapolis photographer Mark LaFavor of LaFavor Pictures, using 360° seamless Better Light /Panoscan technology.
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