The Digital Focus Verification tool provides an extremely accurate confirmation of focus for each color channel, using real-time graphical and numeric displays to assist in obtaining optimum definition.

This tool is the most accurate means for ensuring sharpness in reprographic setups or with complicated camera movements; focus is verified with the scan back in place, and the lens at working aperture, to eliminate all potential sources of error. This direct CCD reading compensates for visual and mechanical focus errors, as well as for focus shift when the lens is stopped down to working aperture.

Better Light’s Focus Verification makes it possible to check focus quickly with absolute precision by real-time measurements of contrast levels. Select the location requiring critical focus anywhere in the preview image and make camera focus adjustments guided by graphical readouts on the monitor. Any area with a hard texture or contrast break can be used. Focus cards with repeating horizontal and vertical lines are provided with the scan back to use when the subject matter itself cannot be used for accurate focus.

Since many lenses do not focus all colors to a common plane, this tool now lets you monitor focus quality in all three colors simultaneously, to rapidly determine the best overall focus for each situation. The Green channel is recommended for the most accurate single-channel readings.

  • The on-screen display indicates the best focus graphically and numerically.
  • Eliminates sources of focus error by using the CCD as the focusing sensor.
  • Verify focus at multiple locations (one at a time) in the image and/or on any or all of the RGB color channels.
  • The focus display can be enlarged to size of preview window for easy viewing when camera is a distance from the computer station.
  • An audio focusing aid is a tone that will rise as the focus is sharpened and fall in pitch as the image is defocused.

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