ViewFinder™ Software
Digital Command Center Saves Time and Optimizes Quality

ViewFinder provides a large preview and control panel window which can be adjusted to fit any size monitor. Immediate, accurate updates of the existing preview image occur with any changes to exposure, sensitivity, color balance, or tone curve. Other features are multiple spot readings for automatic color balancing; grids, crop mask and ToneZones™ to perfect each image; and the option to use ICC profiles for color management.

Better Light's "real time" scans remain the fastest of any unit on the market — for example, a full-color, 750 x 1000 pixel prescan can be completed in as little as four seconds. Exclusive "Fast Prescan" and "Crop Prescan" options can also reduce the prescan time in many situations.

ISO sensitivity is continuously adjustable to increase the versatility of Better Light scan backs for any type of photographic challenge; from art reproduction to landscapes, and a wide range of commercial studio, architectural and industrial applications. The ViewFinder™ software features precise ISO adjustment in 1/10 f-stop increments, over more than four f-stops of overall range without limiting your options in file resolution.

Color balance can be set automatically based on one to four readings of neutral tones in the preview image. A digital spot meter, histogram, customized tone curves, and ToneZones display, assist the photographer in quickly setting the perfect exposure and contrast for the subject and specific reproduction conditions.

To assure that each image is perfectly focused, Better Light includes a Digital Focus Verification tool that provides real-time feedback as the camera's focus is adjusted. This tool now features simultaneous monitoring of focus quality in all three colors, for unparalleled accuracy in setting critical focus for the most demanding situations. A new SuperView feature provides a full resolution segment of the image, with scan time of only a few seconds, to confirm image sharpness.

ViewFinder™ 7 software is currently available for both Macintosh and Windows computers.

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