Now, the same Better Light scan back can be used for standard image plane scans as well as for panoramic, rollout, 3D objects or QuickTime VR imaging.

The new Pano/WideView™ Adapter operates with any Better Light digital scanning back (after a user-installed firmware update) and a 4x5 inch view camera or medium format adapter.  A laptop computer and portability option (rechargeable battery and carrying case) makes the camera suitable for any studio, location, or field photography assignment.

The Better Light digital back captures pure Red, Green and Blue information for each pixel in resolution settings up to 12,000 pixels in height.  The resulting images can be well over 1GB and provide amazing detail and tone range that could never be captured with film.

Pano WideView Adapter with Digital Scan Back Better Light digital scanning backs insert into any 4x5 inch view camera like a standard film holder. Shown here with a Cambo Wide camera.

When used in the Pano/WideView mode, the tri-linear CCD of the Better Light scanning inserts is moved to the center of the image plane and remains stationary during the scan. The drive function is diverted to a custom precision rotary motor under the camera or under the object.  The system is easy to use: the photographer simply enters the focal length of the lens to determine the drive ratio. This focal length setting calculates microchanges to the motor drive system to keep the pixels square and determine the number of lines per degree of rotation.

To keep the pixels perfectly square, and the image undistorted, Better Light uses a unique scaleable aspect ratio that is controlled by the photographer's choice of lens focal length. Other digital systems often use one fixed scan size and then interpolate the image to fit the focal length being used. The Better Light Pano/WideView uses a continuously variable drive system to capture true pixel data at any focal length, with absolutely no interpolation.

The Pano/WideView Adapter is a high-quality turntable motor with no backlash, is suitable for heavy view cameras, and resists shaking due to wind. The hardware includes a precision motor-driven rotary base with 3/8-in. tripod socket on the bottom, a quick-release camera mount on top of the base, 3/8-in. and 1/4-in. screws for the camera, and a motor drive cable to connect the insert to motor base.