Hardware Setup
Affix the camera to the armature of the Pano/WideView™ stepper stage unit.  The lens should be positioned so that when the armature is placed on the stepper stage, the nodal point of the lens should be directly over the center of the rotating stage.

Select the rotation direction with the small toggle switch next to the connector on the panoramic motor stage.

Software Operation
First, go into the Preferences and be certain the Enable Pano Mode checkbox is checked.  Set up your exposure and focus as you would normally.  Then click the Panorama button on the toolbar.  The Pano tab panel will be activated.  Select Scene from the radio buttons at the top of the tab panel.

To make a scene panorama, the software requires two items; the focal length of the lens and the number of degrees of rotation. Enter the focal length in the provided text field.  It is not necessary to know the exact number of rotation degrees in advance.  Use the rotate stage buttons at the bottom of the tab panel to position the camera before the desired start of the panorama.  Then put a value into the Preview Extent field that will be greater than the actual desired value.  Take a prescan.  Use the crop tool to select the desired image region in the prescan image.  The actual number of rotation degrees is calculated and displayed as the Scan Extent.

Pano Software Scene Controls

When the scan button is clicked the stage will rotate to the selected image start and will scan until the end of the selected region.  If the Return after Scan checkbox is checked, the stage will return to its starting position at the end of the scan.

The five manual motion buttons at the bottom of the tab panel are used to position the camera once it has been locked down to the panorama stage.  Each button rotates the stage in the direction indicated by the arrows.  As the stage is moved, the POV value shows the stage’s position relative to the starting point.  The single arrow buttons move the stage very slowly, allowing for very precise positioning.  The double arrow buttons move the stage very quickly.  The Return button will move the stage back to the original position.

Point-by-Point Description of Controls and Displays
Blue ArrowRollout Software Controls
Blue ArrowObject (Turntable) Software Controls