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Filters for Daylight & Tungsten Light Sources

Daylight  (2mm thick)
  (3mm thick)

Infrared Blocking Filters

   IR Filter,   Daylight,    2" x 2"       NLA
    IR Filter,   Tungsten,   2" x 2"     NLA

    IR Filter,   Daylight,    3" x 3"     $195
    IR Filter,   Tungsten,   3" x 3"    $195

    IR Filter,   Daylight,    4" x 4"    $395
    IR Filter,   Tungsten,   4" x 4"    $395

    77mm Screw-in,   Daylight         NLA
    77mm Screw-in,   Tungsten       NLA

    NLA = No Longer Available

Insert Cables

Three sizes of proprietary cables
for the Better Light scanning
insert to control box connection.

6' Short Insert Cable    $50
15' Standard Insert Cable    $80
25' Long Insert Cable    $110

Some Used Cables Available @ 50%.

Ground Glass Overlays

Ground Glass Overlays

72mm X 96mm self adhesive masks for centering images

Package of 3 = $15

Insert Holster

Insert Holster Assembly

Rugged padded nylon
with plastic insert.
Grommet holes at top for hanging.


Rechargeable Battery Options

Batteries are no longer available
from Better Light. Contact Support
for more infomation.