Select from three models with highest performance specs of any scan back on the market. The SuperModels have improved sensitivity, maximimized resolution levels plus offer precision control over the image capture…making Better Light synonymous with extraordinary large format digital captures.

The new models Super Models will do all that previous Better Light inserts have done … but do it better and bigger with spatial and dynamic improvements:

Twice as many pixels for larger files and more detail. Increased bit depth for the smoothest color transitions.

The SuperModel product line provides photographers with an efficient means to generate higher resolution, first generation digital images and to gain these additional resolution levels at a very reasonable price.

With Enhanced Resolution™, the Super 6K-HS and Super 8K-HS offers the photographer the capability to increase the resolution in several additional increments up to 150% of the previous pixel dimensions and to create file sizes up to 2.25 times larger than the current models. Unlike post-capture interpolation, the Enhanced Resolution settings record additional image information during the scan for sharper, more detailed images.

As with other Better Light camera models, the resolution up to 100% is pure, “native” RGB pixel data. At resolution levels above 100%, the long dimension (scan direction) will remain as pure pixel information, while the narrow dimension will use minimal interpolation to complete the image. By utilizing a linear (one direction) redistribution of the original CCD pixel data, the resulting images will have more detail than is the result from resampling a smaller file in Photoshop to the same pixel dimensions. In the worst case (150% res), this technique uses data from 2 pure pixels to create 3 pixels.

The Benefits of Enhanced Resolution™

Better Light's most versatile 4x5 scanning backs
feature the latest in CCD technology from Kodak that has
doubled the sensitivity range of the previous sensor AND
improves image quality at the same time. All models include the new K-2 CCDs making these scan backs the fastest and most sensitive such units available, with two to three times the light sensitivity of competing units -- up to ISO 3200 at any resolution setting for the Super6K-HS.

All Better Light scan backs are portable for location photography with the battery-operated Portability Option. Special adapters are also available to use any scan back model on the Mamiya RB and RZ-67 or Fuji GX680 cameras with an special adapter. Seamless panoramic and rollout images can also be captured using our unique Pano/WideView Adapter.

Super 6K-HS    $14,995
6000 x 8000 pixels - Native CCD resolution
137 MB max. file 24-bit RGB (274 MB in 48-bit RGB)
9000 x 12000 pixels - Enhanced Resolution™
309 MB max. file 24-bit RGB (618 MB in 48-bit RGB)

Super 8K-HS    $17,995
8000 x 10600 pixels - Native CCD resolution
244 MB max. file 24-bit RGB (488 MB in 48-bit RGB)
12000 x 15990 pixels - Enhanced Resolution™
549 MB max. file 24-bit RGB (1.1 GB in 48-bit RGB)


All SuperModels include a two-year parts and labor warranty.

Scanning Back Specs & Price Comparison Chart (PDF)

The Better Light Scanning Back is unique in digital capture...
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