The Khabouris Codex
Better Light Scanning Back Used to Create an Unparalleled, High-Resolution
Digital Record of a Thousand Year Old Aramaic Canon of the New Testament

These two sections are cropped from the full page image and reduced to represent the detail captured by the Better Light Scanning Back.

“Since the pages were flattened, we had maximum sharpness,” Eric Rivera stated . “I think these images are sharper than anything that’s been done before. And these are really big shots... there is so much detail. You can go to the 80X microscopic level and see the actual writing, the fungus in the parchment cracks, and there is no question that you’re looking at an actual character from a thousand years ago.”

All Images ©2004 The Khabouris Institute. All Rights Reserved.

The same top section of Khabouris page is shown with less reduction to show even more of the detail available in the digital files.

With the incredible amount of detail captured in these original 16-bit color digital files, the archiving process should never need to be repeated. Researchers and translators can work from the digital files and avoid any further damage and deterioration to the original manuscript.