Welcome to my studio! I have been involved with photography for almost 30 years, primarily as a means to record and preserve the natural beauty that I see during visits to our National Parks and similar unspoiled places. I started with 35mm and medium-format film cameras, and made my own Cibachrome prints in a modest darkroom. I learned about transparency contrast masking and print flashing, dodging, and burning to control the appearance of my prints, while at the same time becoming increasingly aware of the limitations of film and optical processing.

About 20 years ago, I awoke one morning with the idea of putting a miniature color scanner directly into a large-format camera so I could capture images without film and process them using a computer. I took advantage of the skills I had learned during my engineering career to develop every aspect of this device myself - analog and digital electronics, mechanical design, computer programming, and optical experience all came together as I worked in a spare bedroom without a regular job or income. I eventually started a small business to manufacture and sell this device, although from the beginning one of my objectives was to get out and use my own invention.

I spent many years improving the product design and developing the business, and it wasn't until 2005 that I finally started making the personally expressive photographs that are on display in this gallery. In addition to inventing my own image capture device, I have developed my own unique method of adjusting these images that gives me precise control over the entire creative process. Fortunately, wide-format printers have evolved to become quite capable of producing high-quality, long-lasting prints to complete this entirely digital approach to making photographic art.

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