We have a great respect and admiration for all of our Better Light owners, but occasionally some step forward with extraordinary photographic talents and the ability and confidence to push the capabilities of the scanning back beyond the norm to produce amazing images. This list represents some of those who have excelled in their use of the Better Light scanning back and have been willing to share their images and insight to their creative process .

Ron Finley – Ron Finley Studio

Stephen Galloway

Shelley Lake – Sky Lake Studios

Ron Finley believes that when you have a scanning back that produces great images and huge files you should use it whenever possible...and using it for trickier subjects is irresistible! For small products, automobiles, composites, and even portraits, capturing more pixels is worth the effort.
Stephen Galloway is an artist creating photographic fine art images with a unique perspective on nature. Using the Better Light scanning back to capture realistic detail for large prints, Stephen is able to create unique compositions from the textures and shapes found in unexpected subject matter.
Shelley Lake's background in art and science provides a unique vision to produce images from nature and everyday life. Her artistic interpretations capture the essence of having been there. The intimate detail recorded by the Better Light scanning back and the Pano/WideView™ adapter has taken Shelley's storytelling art form to the next level.

Jim Morris – Morris Digital Photography

Morgan Rockhill

Tom Watson – Tom Watson Photography

Jim Morris specializes in jewelry and architecture for his “day job”, but loves to work in nature capturing landscapes and abstracts as outlets for his creative energy. Much of his work is now done with the Better Light Pano/WideView™ Adapter to create wider-field images for landscape or architecture projects. Morgan Rockhill is living his dream. Equipped with his scanning back, precise multi-layered composite lighting, and a relentless pursuit
of perfection, Morgan creates impressive photographic illustrations that stimulate sales for his clients...all done from his lakeside studio in the wilderness of New Hampshire.
Forty years as a professional photographer and Tom Watson is proud to be an active practitioner of the most powerful tools in the history of photography...combining the 1860s' technology of the view camera and a Better Light large-format digital back.

Darryl Schmidt Photography

  Darryl Schmidt was looking for a change in his life direction and recognized that the Better Light scanning back was a unique tool that could stimulate a new business and career path. As a self-taught photographer, his love of nature and creative curiosity enabled him to create impressive images with an alternate viewpoint that become unique works of art.  

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