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Over the years the photographic applications where the Better Light scanning back is used have grown from primarily commercial product photography and art reproduction, to now include architecture, landscape, panoramic, forensic, scientific and industrial applications. As digital capture has become more of the norm in the photography industry, Better Light scanning backs have taken their rightful place as the true large format digital imaging system.

The exceptional image quality, large file sizes, control of color and tone levels, and use of the 4x5 view camera format are some of the reasons why photographers all over the world are selecting Better Light for their high-end digital photography.

Better Light is a unique company in today’s world, holding customer service and product reliability as a business priority. Everyone in the company genuinely cares about the success of their customers. This mutual respect and the pursuit of the highest quality digital imaging has formed a bond between Better Light and its scanning back owners like no other in the photography industry.

Educational programs are growing in importance at Better Light, and the Owners’ Conferences have been one of the most successful means of sharing the wealth of knowledge of staff and our talented owners. Additional seminars, and a continuing development of the Better Light website, will further the effort to improve the successful operation of the scanning back, as well as provide ideas about other applications and procedures that can stimulate the creativity and business success of our owners.

Mike Collette, President of Better Light, and Peter Grote of Mountain Architecture, offered insights to working in the great outdoors...from the warm California coastlne to the extreme cold of the Himalayas.
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Mike Collette Better Light, Inc.

Mike Collette, Better Light, Inc.



Robin Myers, Better Light, Inc.

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  Color Accuracy Presentation (PDF)
  nuSHADES.tif Color Test Image (ZIP file)
Rudy Harvey The Color Space
  Which Color Space (PDF)
Dave Christensen NorthLight Products, Inc.
  Expressing Texture in Art Reproduction Presentation (PDF)
Ted Chavalas Panoscan, Inc.
  Virtual Reality Imaging (PDF)
  Wrapping & Blending Panoramas (PDF)
  High Dynamic Range Imaging (PDF)
  PanoMetric (PDF)
Larry Guyer A la Carte Digital Studios
  ViewFinder Features and Functions (PDF)
Robin Myers Better Light, Inc.
  Better Light ViewFinder™ Repro Curves Workflow (PDF)
  Color Error in Digital Imaging for Fine Art Reproduction (PDF)
Marty Gregory Software Programmer
  ViewFinder 7.2 Macintosh Keyboard Shortcuts (PDF)

Ted Chavalas, Panoscan, Inc.

Rudy Harvey, The Color Space

Jim Morris, Digital Color Prod.