The new E-HS models are newly manufactured scan backs, with only the tri-linear CCD and the video PC board as recycled components from owners' upgraded units -- with the savings passed on to you. The E-HS models have all of the same features as the previous model 4000 and 6000 scan backs with the added speed of a USB-2 interface. Resolution settings are independent of ISO; the sensitivity range is 100 to 1600 ISO, adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments; a dedicated hard drive for image storage; fast prescans generated in as little as 8 seconds; and both cameras include the company's highly-acclaimed ViewFinder™ camera control software.

Work with your existing 4x5 view camera and lenses, in the studio, on location, or on a copy stand. Focus and compose normally on the ground glass and insert the Better Light scan back just like a film holder. Use any continuous light source, including daylight, fluorescent, HID, HMI or tungsten; line-frequency flicker rejection even allows the use of standard magnetic-ballast fluorescent or HMI lights.

Adapters are available for the Mamiya RB or RZ-67 and Fuji GX680 medium-format camera systems.

As with all Better Light scan backs, the E-HS models are upgradeable to higher resolution models at any time in the future.


• Five resolution settings up to 3750 x 5000 (53MB RGB)
• Capture 53MB color images in as little as 41 seconds.

• Eight resolution settings up to 6000 x 8000 (137MB RGB)
• Capture 137MB color images in as little as 66 seconds.

• Adjustable ISO sensitivity from 100 to 1600 (daylight)
• Triple 12-bit ADCs Ñ up to 82 million pixels per minute
• 9 GB internal disk drive for offline image capture
• Kodak trilinear color CCD technology
• Single-pass color or monochrome scanning
• 50/60 Hz line-frequency flicker rejection
• Line exposure time selectable from 1/8 to 1/120 second
• Continuously adjustable color balance in 0.1 CC steps
• 11 f-stop dynamic range
• 14-bit data path & lookup tables
• Save 8 or 16 bits per color (24 or 48-bit color images)
• Flawless resolution reductions without aliasing
• Fractional-pixel averaging always uses all CCD data
• Scan area 72 x 96 mm (2.83" x 3.78"); 120 mm diagonal
• Insert weight 0.96 kg (34 ounces)
• 4.6 meter (15 foot) cable from insert to control unit
• USB-2 interface from control unit to host computer
• Compact control unit includes disk drive and AC supply
• Flash memory for easy upgrades without opening unit
• Universal AC input 90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz.