Better Light, Inc. new E-HS model line of scanning back cameras, was developed to allow professional photographers, photo schools, museums and art repro companies to produce exceptional high-resolution digital images for as little as $6,495.
Better Light scan backs are acknowledged as the industry leader in producing a level of image quality that is far greater than fixed-array digital cameras.  The company's scan back utilizes pure red, green and blue pixel data (in the instance of the 6000E, 144 megapixels of data, 6000 x 8000 X 3 colors), with no interpolation data, digital artifacts, or moiré patterns.
For photography schools who can use them to teach view camera techniques with the bonus of instant feedback to the student.
For museums and libraries for digitization projects involving books, artwork and artifacts.  Use on a small copy stand or in a 4x5 view camera for 3D objects.
For catalog and commercial photographers or the dedicated advance amateur who want to do high quality view camera work of products or landscapes.
For dedicated advanced amateurs who want to do high quality view camera work of products or landscapes - as color, monochrome or even infrared images.

More Information on the E-HS Models

Scanning Back Specifications
and Price Comparison Chart (PDF File)


The Better Light Scanning Back is unique in digital capture...Click here to get some answers to your questions.

Better Light's New E-Models:
   Model 4000E-HS (3750 x 5000)
   53MB max. file size, 24-bit RGB

   Model 6000E-HS (6000 x 8000)
   137MB max. file size, 24-bit RGB

Both of the new E-HS models come with
a two-year parts and labor warranty.

All Better Light scan backs are designed for 4x5 view cameras with a image capture area of 72mm x 96mm. Adapters are available for Mamiya RB67, RZ67 and Fuji GX680. 4x5 Scan Back E-Model
  Better Light E Model 4x5 Digital Scan Back Digital Scan Back Camera