4/14/05— Depth of Field Calculator and White Paper
The high resolution of the digital scan back has unique characteristics that capture images differently than film emulsions. Read the enclosed article to gain some insight on depth of field. Includes a depth-of-field calculator program.

Macintosh OSX — 928 K Stuffit .SIT File — DOF Calculator v2.6 and White Paper

PC/Windows — 728 K .ZIP File — DOF Calculator v2.6 and White Paper

9/16/04— Lens Coverage Calculator
A stand-alone utility program by Robin Myers that calculates the area of coverage of the Better Light scanning backs based on a specific lens and lens-to-subject distance. Coverage of Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal is given with choice of measurement increments.

Macintosh — 828 K .ZIP File — Lens Coverage Calculator

PC/Windows — 668 K .ZIP File — Lens Coverage Calculator

4/14/05— Field-of-View Calculator
Another stand-alone utility program by Robin Myers to determine the Field of View of the Better Light scanning backs based on a specific lens focal length. Field-of-View angle is provided for Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal of scanning back format. In addition, the focal length equivalent for standard 35mm and 4x5 formats is provided to determine the lens multiplier for that lens on the scanning back.

Macintosh — 832 K .ZIP File — Field-of-View Calculator

PC/Windows — 664 K .ZIP File — Field-of-View Calculator

2/11/03 — Focus Verification Target
Download Focus Verification Target -- 64 K Acrobat PDF File.
A printable PDF file including the layout of parallel lines used on our business card size focus card, supplied with each new camera. Two layout sizes are included to print when a larger target surface is needed for larger sets.

4/15/00— IMAGE INFO List Utility
Download Better Light IMAGE INFO LIST Utility (version 4.0)
For Better Light Cameras only. Dicomed owners can access a similar utility by downloading the Better Light Scan Software v1.72 – available on the Dicomed download page.

12 K Stuffit .SIT File. This simple utility can be used with your Better Light camera system to quickly make a plain
text file containing the header information for every image stored on the scan back's own disk drive. The resulting text
file can then be opened, modified, and/or printed using any text editor. This will allow a scan back user to make a
printed record of all images on the scanning camera's disk drive, for future reference.

8/12/03— IMAGES for ViewFinder™ Software — Practice PREVIEW
The following 14-bit (4.3MB) image files can be used to demonstrate the ViewFinder™ software without a Better Light system connected. Download one or all images for Macintosh or PC/Windows computers.

The “Prescan Images” can be used for sales demonstration or pre-purchase examination of ViewFinder’s features and functions. All controls are functional and you will see live changes for color balance, tone curve and ISO, etc., just as if shooting in the studio. The focus verification will not operate, since it requires the insert's sensor.

TO USE: Open ViewFinder program and hold OPTION [Mac] / ALT [PC] key down and hit PRESCAN button on ViewFinder screen. It will open a dialog box allowing you to locate the preview file(s) you wish to load as the preview image. Download one or more of the Practice Preview Images. Each file has a Macbeth Color Checker™ in the scene to aid color balance and density settings.

Biker Chic
For Macintosh
“ Biker Chick” Betty Boop
2.0 MB Stuffit .SIT File

For PC/Windows
"Biker Chick" Betty Boop
2.6 MB .ZIP File

Circular Saw Set
For Macintosh
Circular Saw Set
2.86MB Stuffit .SIT File

For PC/Windows
Circular Saw Set
3.2 MB .ZIP File

Paint Products Set
For Macintosh
Paint Products Set
2.8 MB Stuffit .SIT File

For PC/Windows
Paint Products Set
3.4 MB .ZIP File

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