Dicomed Software
Better Light's Original v1.72 Software for Dicomed Backs
Dicomed Software Original v1.72 Dicomed Scan Back Software by Better Light
256K Stuffit .SIT file. Open with Stuffit Expander.

This is a FREE copy of Better Light’s original Macintosh software for the Dicomed scanning cameras. This software will operate any stock Dicomed scanning camera on nearly any Macintosh, including older 68040 machines. While not as full-featured as Dicomed’s later software packages, this software may be more efficient in many production environments; it can also serve as a " second opinion" diagnostic tool for troubleshooting scan back problems. Since this software requires less than 5 MB of RAM, it may also prove useful when running the scan back from a laptop computer.

To install this software, simply copy all folders from the " dicomed_v1.72" download into a new folder anywhere on your computer’s disk drive. Additional information about various features of this software can be found in several text files included; please read all of this information to learn more. There is no official user’s manual for this software, but interested users can download a PDF version of the 4.2 user’s manual for the " older" Better Light camera software from our web site (Downloads page..."Legacy Software") to learn more about some of the controls and functions of scanning backs in general.

Also included in the "dicomed_v1.72" download is information about a Better Light firmware & software upgrade for Dicomed scan backs, which eliminates the need for the serial port connection (all communication takes place via the SCSI connection), and provides a precision Processing Curve editor for modifying existing curves or making completely new ones. The software upgrade has the same form factor (and small preview window) as this free software, and the firmware upgrade renders the camera inoperable by any other camera software, so this upgrade may not be suitable for everyone.

Thank you for your interest in scanning digital photography!

Michael Collette

Better Light, Inc.

Note -- the current ViewFinder™ software and the previous DSC v4.1 or v4.2 Better Light camera software will NOT operate a Dicomed scan back.

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