Scanning Backs...How They Work

The Better Light scanning back is very different from all other digital cameras in technology, design and operation. Mike Collette, the designer of the original digital scanning back released in 1994, provides a detailed insight into the inside workings from trilinear sensor to Better Light's ViewFinder™ software.

Scanning Backs...Why They Work Better

The unique technology of the Better Light scanning back is capable of producing the ultimate image quality — accurate, high resolution, high dynamic range imaging. Today, digital photographers are obsessed with "megapixel envy". In this article, Mike Collette outlines the factors that go beyond the number of pixels to produce superior digital images.

The Scanning Back vs. DSLRs
An explanation and demonstration of the fundamental differences between interpolated color (Bayer pattern) DSLR images and full-color scanning back images...WITHOUT THE DSLRs!

Get the Rest of the Picture
Mike Collette takes a closer look at a recent image comparison of a Canon EOS 1DS MK2 DSLR and a Better Light Super6K-HS Scanning Back. There are significant advantages to large-format digital photography —
B&W Film is now included in the comparison, plus a hi-res download.

Photographers pursuing the absolute BEST should pay close attention!
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