The Better Light Fuji GX-680 adapter requires no modification to the camera or scan back for proper operation – just slide in the scanning unit and start shooting. The only accomodation required is locking the lens open for exposures (contact your Fuji dealer for procedures and optional accessories).

Use the same lenses with your Fuji adapter as you use with conventional film shooting, without any impact on focal length or perspective.

To focus, the photographer can use either the standard Fuji focus screen with the magnifing hood, waist level or prism view finder. After focusing the camera lens is opened to the "bulb" setting for the scanning operation. Better Light’s ViewFinder™ software package, provided with each scanning back, also features digital focus verification for the ultimate in focusing precision.

With the adapter installed, each of the Better Light digital scanning backs captures the Fuji GX-680's maximum image area, providing an overall digital image that is an octagonal shape approximately 2.75" x 3.5", producing digital files that are somewhat less than the file capacity of the Better Light scan back's full imaging capability. The exact size of the captured file can be selected using the cropping tools in the Better Light ViewFinder™ capture software.

Fuji GX-680 Adapter
(one piece)
suggested retail $1,395
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Mamiya Adapter Size TableImage Size Table with Fuji GX-680 Adapter
Comparison of image sizes for each Better Light scan back model.